How to make a whimsical 'flower' for your garden

What can you do with a $1 plastic chip-and-dip tray? A lot more than you think.
You can create wonderful garden flowers in a bouquet of colors that you can then place around your garden, backyard, or front yard. C. Renee Fuller of The Garden Frog Boutique includes complete instructions in her blog post, but here's a feature on the project. 
Here's the before shot: 
Spray a simple plastic chip-and-dip tray with cooking oil, then fill it with hypertufa. (Find recipes for hypertufa at Thrifty Fun.) Let it cure overnight — a full day is best.
After drying, the final result looks like this: 
If "whimsy" is your style, sometimes all you need is a spark for your imagination. You can vary the type of tray you use to better suit your style. Consider adding stones for texture. EBay also includes molds in the shapes of animals, including one of a tortoise. 
For slightly bigger garden projects, The Garden Frog Boutique shows you how to create a decorated concrete bench for less than $20 and a 6' rustic arbor for less than $50.
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