How to make a DIY planter from an old tire

Mom and DIYer extraordinaire Pamela from Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups is the first to admit that the idea of fashioning an old tire into a planter seems strange, if not altogether tacky. After all, just how quaint can a heap of black rubber actually look?
However, this particular DIY project proves otherwise as Pamela and father-in-law Morris show off how to slice and dice an old tire into something so genuinely pretty-looking, you'd never in a million years guess the item's origins. Pamela explains the first step as carving triangular shapes out of the rubber.
See below how they cut the points inward:
To transform the tire into a bowl-shaped planter, all you need to do next is flip the tire inside-out and slap a coat of colorful paint on the rubber. (You can find Pamela's full detailed instructions on her website.)
As you can see, the finished product is surprisingly beautiful and you'd seriously never know it was made from an old tire! Once finished, you can let it stand alone, or better yet, place it in a macrame holder to achieve a dreamier look.
Believe it or not, tires can also serve other purposes around the yard. If you're into the planter idea but prefer a more neutral aesthetic, why not shroud your tire in rope and attach legs to it, creating a standing planter with a nautical look? Or if you prefer a handier DIY, you can even use your old tire as a hose caddy in order to prevent frustrating tangles and kinks. 
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