How to make a lace window treatment using cornstarch

Ever wish you could add a little privacy to a window without having to hang blinds or curtains and therefore detract from your room's great natural light? Annabel Vita has an incredibly pretty -- and amazingly effective -- solution to that problem. All that's needed is some cornstarch and water. Yes, that's it!
First, you'll need to cut sections of lace to exactly fit the window you're covering. Use dense or thick lace for larger windows needing more privacy; if you're covering only a small area or privacy isn't a strong issue, lace with a more open pattern and less thickness will suffice.
Next, mix equal parts of cornstarch and cold water, then add boiling water. Paint the resultant, somewhat viscous liquid onto the window with a clean paintbrush.
Smooth your cut piece of lace onto the cornstarched window and paint again, ensuring that a thin layer is evenly distributed. See Annabel's site for detailed instructions, including tips for extra clarity, correcting mistakes, and removal.
Is lace too girly for you? Make a statement and find privacy behind vintage rolled maps (make your own or try a thrift shop), frosted glass (use frost spray or paper), or faux stained glass (with adhesives or tissue paper and black masking tape).
Whatever your needs -- privacy, color, or a little bit of both -- window treatments don't have to be expensive or boring! Give one of these projects a try and let us know how it goes!
Please share these ideas and give someone a new way to see the outside world.
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