How to make DIY pallet board planters

Ann, of the Make The Best of Things blog, is a breast cancer survivor who has refused to let her illness slow her down. The owner of her very own craft studio, Ann paints, sews, draws, crochets, design, and quilts. She is a jack of all trades with a warm-hearted spirit, capable of infusing her projects with love and personality. "I am creatively curious and I won't let my chemo stop me!" she writes. 
Wooden pallets are a versatile material with a variety of applications. They can be used as a bed frame, patio furniture, or decor. Make The Best of Things used pallets to make planter covers. As the snow melts and the spring sun shines brighter, there's no better time than now to prepare for gardening season. These DIY planter covers are the perfect alternative to pretty, but pricey, store-bought planters. 
To make pallet wood planter covers, you will need wood salvaged from pallets, cheap tree pots from your local nursery, and a brad nailer. 
Make The Best of Things' pallet wood planter covers can be modified to fit the look and needs of your garden. Ann decided to snuggle the wood boards under the rim around the top of the planter. To do this, lay out the boards and mark them before cutting off any ends with nails. Lay the planter on its side, and fasten the boards using an air powered brad nailer. 
If you prefer to add a frame to the top rim, you can do so by arranging the boards and then nailing them down. This gives your planters a more natural feel and looks great, especially with plants or flowers that will grow over the edge of the planter. 
For the full tutorial, visit Make The Best of Things. Ann finished her planters with a coat of dry brush paint in order to add a spot of color. To get this unique look, see part two of the tutorial. 
Bring spunk to your garden with a number of creative DIY planters. Plant roses or an orange tree in a decoupaged terra cotta pot, use fence planks to make this cool contemporary planter box, and make use of exterior walls with vertical gardens made from woolly pockets, plastic bottles, or cedar planks
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