How to make a DIY vertical succulent garden out of an old pallet

Cassie had an old pallet laying around her backyard for 1 year. That is, until one day she got motivated to transform it! The drab to fab result? A gorgeous and eco-friendly vertical succulent garden! The whole project used only 4 materials, in addition to the succulents, and was finished in a single afternoon.
Cassie Kent of the blog Kent Heartstrings is a mother and DIY queen living in San Diego, California. Cassie describes her family as adventure-seeking. She tackles such challenges as restoring her 1940s home with grace and pizzazz. "The journey is upward and ongoing and we are in it for the ride," says Cassie.
To make a vertical garden, you need pallets, landscaping fabric, a staple gun, and 5 cubic feet of dirt per pallet. In addition, you will need the succulents you intend to plant.
A vertical garden is a simple five-step process that includes preparing the pallets, laying and securing landscape fabric, and planting the succulents.
For full instructions on this simple DIY project that will surely impress, visit Cassie's blog, Kent Heartstrings.
Vertical succulent gardens are fun, sustainable DIY projects that will enhance your outdoor environment for years to come. Stephanie Lynn suggests building a succulent wall planter using recycled wooden fence pickets and galvanized chicken netting. If you have limited outdoor space, take the advice of Apartment Therapy and re-purpose IKEA furniture to make a decorative wall planter.
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