How to make a gorgeous Pottery Barn knock-off planter for only $8!

The rustic/homemade look that is so commonplace in furniture and home decorating stores is largely due to the DIY movement. Rather than discard old pieces of furniture, scrap wood or other building materials, DIYers are instead finding creative new uses for what would otherwise be garbage sitting in a dump. 
As a result of the popularity of this DIY revolution, home decorating stores like Pottery Barn have tried to emulate and capitalize off of the trend. Under the guise of "better craftsmanship" or their own name brand, these stores sell what would typically be worth only a few dollars for upwards of $100 to $200.
So while it may be easy to say that you could make this or that at home instead of buying it from a store, in the case of this planter project from The Kim Six Fix, you could easily make the whole thing at home...and for a fraction of the price!
Using a few strips or scrap pieces of cedar wood that you can probably find for cheap at your local hardware store or you can lay out the panels of your planter box (cutting where needed to get your desired shape or angle).
Using some screw or nails (and maybe a bit of wood glue, although it's not really necessary), you'll fasten the boards together with another piece of wood to keep them in place.
The Kim Six Fix had the brilliant idea of using those paint mixing sticks you get for free at the hardware store to create some depth and panels along the sides of the box. You can glue them like she did here or get creative with your outer decoration by cutting out custom shapes to decorate the wood or just painting it a different color.
And for detailed instructions for this fabulous DIY, check out Kim Six's website!
Here's the final result! Check out the Pottery Barn box and the DIY version by Kim Six:
Congratulations, you've just saved yourself almost $200!
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