How to make a DIY concrete oakleaf hydrangea leaf

Oakleaf hydrangea produces spectacular blooms, and the leaves are nothing short of amazing. Jonni at Minnie’s Milestones has devised a super simple way to create concrete hydrangea leaves that make one-of-a-kind birdbaths and unique fountains. 
If you’re a bird lover, you can even turn the concrete leaves into misters that are sure to attract flocks of colorful hummingbirds. In fact, according to the University of Missouri Extension, hummingbirds love water, especially when they can fly through fine mist.    
To make a concrete oakleaf hydrangea leaf, you need a bag of concrete mix, clean sand, a tub large enough to hold the hydrangea leaf, another tub (or wheelbarrow) to mix the concrete, a garden hoe, plastic wrap, and a pair of waterproof gloves. Jonni advises that one bag of concrete mix makes four or five large leaves and 10 to 15 smaller leaves.
Making your own concrete leaf is simple and involves placing the mixed Quikrete onto the actual hydrangea leaf. Be patient! The important thing is to allow the concrete leaf to cure thoroughly before using. 
Detailed, step-by-step instructions can be found at Jonni's website
Nearly any leaf will work just fine, including rhubarb, squash, maple, or oak, according to the talented crafters at TipNut. You may be surprised by what you find on your next nature walk. Gather a few leaves and give it a try!
Do you know any birders, gardeners or crafters who would love to make a concrete oakleaf hydrangea leaf? Please feel free to share! 
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