How to make a DIY jewelry organizer out of an old silverware try

One of the best things about thrift shopping is the idea of finding a hidden gem, but sometimes an ordinary product can be turned into something amazing using a little ingenuity. HomeTalk's Sadie Seasongoods found an old silverware holder at a thrift shop, but she knew she could transform and improve the old artifact.
Antique silverware holders are often rugged due to years of holding metal forks and knives, but Seasongoods showed off a cheap, easy way to transform these inserts into a beautiful storage insert for jewelry.
All that's needed for this creation is paint and hooks to hang the jewelry onto. Sanding the wood beforehand will improve the quality of the paint job, but it's not a necessity. 
 The best thing about these projects is that they can be completely customized to fit any home's aesthetic. Find a color that suits you!
After the drawer is painted, insert the hooks. Seasongoods also stencils some designs onto the back of the jewelry case -- feel free to be creative!
Another alternative to metal hooks is to use decorate knobs, supergluing them into the back panel of the tray.
More photos and an in-depth description of Seasongoods' process can be found on her Hometalk post.
If a silverware holder is hard to come by, other options exist for creating beautiful jewelry holders. Objects like cheese graters and candle holders can hold accessories. All it takes is a little creativity! 
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