How to make the most gorgeous lamp out of two plant baskets and Christmas lights

Sometimes, the very objects you consider useless clutter can be repurposed to create some of most envy-worthy decor. If, for example, you have issues keeping plants in hanging baskets alive — something of which I am guilty — those wire baskets may simply take up space as a reminder of your decidedly not-green thumb. Luckily, there is a way to transform them into something you'd proudly display.
Rather than throw the baskets out or fruitlessly attempt to grow more flowers, you can make a one-of-a-kind light globe. All you need for this project is two wire hanging baskets, something with which you can attach them together —The Garden Glove uses floral wire and From The Blue Shed uses cable ties, both of which work equally well — and LED Christmas lights that do not heat up.
To begin, remove any chains from the hanging baskets. Next, place the baskets together to form a sphere and secure them in place with floral wire, cable tues, etc. Make sure they are tightly fastened so that the globe does not fall apart!
If you want, you can spray paint the wire basket to match the decor of your home (From The Blue Shed chose silver), but leaving the wire baskets unpainted gives the finished product a rustic look. Just make sure the paint is dry before moving on to the next step.
From there, you can wrap your sphere with Christmas lights in the color of your choice. The tutorials we've seen use all-white lights, but multi-colored lights would create a cool effect.
How perfect would these be as holiday decorations to even for a backyard barbecue?
They even look amazing in the daytime and clustered together, as shown in this photo from Lowe's below:
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