How to make your own pallet coffee table with minimal effort

Pallets demonstrate once again that they're the way to go when it comes to budget-friendly redecorating. They're inexpensive and easy to find, although it's important to remain on the safe side and have some rules in mind when it comes to choosing the best pallets for indoor use. The Halifax Media Co-op shares some good tips to be able to differentiate which pallets are chemicals-free and good enough for our houses. 
Once we have chosen the pallets, it's time for the fun part. Let's review this beautiful idea for an inexpensive coffee table, shared by 1001 Pallets. Given how impressive it looks, it's almost hard to believe how incredibly easy to make it is. All it takes is one pallet and four good looking legs. These would be completely up to your own taste and style!
The project basically consists of the same process you'd use every time you're making furniture with pallets. You should sand the pallet properly and prepare it with a good finish to seal it and give it a hue you like. Then, simply attach the legs and amaze at your own craftiness! 
1001 Pallets' coffee table adds a very rustic, yet modern and industrial look to this living room, but you could give it a completely different touch by painting it with a bright color. 
Another take on the same idea for a coffee table is this Lovely Weeds' beautiful piece. It's obviously a more complicated project than the 1001 Pallets' one, but it's difficult not to love the natural touch added by the succulent planter in the middle of the table. That amazing texture that gives Lovely Weeds' coffee table even a more rustic look than 1001 Pallets' one was achieved using Rustoleum matte clear spray paint.
Another possibility could be this beauty shared by Sustainable Decor: their lovely coffee table looks almost nautical with that white coat. An obvious advantage of this idea is that their coffee table offers much more storage space thanks to its two levels. Despite it'd not be as easy to make as 1001 Pallets' coffee table, it'd be a perfect alternative for those who are looking for a simple project that would add functionality and style to their homes. 
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