5 wonderful DIY stepping stone ideas for the garden

Why settle for run of the mill stepping stones in your garden, when with a little effort and a very small investment, you can have a one-of-a-kind walkway that leaves those plain stones in the dust? You’ll be amazed at the simple things you can turn into stepping stones: big, gorgeous leaves; lacy designs, rustic wood, or mosaics made of sea glass or old plates will all lead you down the garden path in a very good way!
Don’t be afraid to use your garden path for its intended purpose. Your hand-created walkway may be charming, but the stones are functional, too. North Carolina State University’s National Learning Initiative says stones are durable garden elements that can be installed a number of ways. So, unpack your creativity and try your hand at a path that brings out the magic in any outdoor environment. Simply Gorgeous!
The lacy look of these stones is provided by plastic doilies you can pick up at the bargain store for next to nothing. Start the project with paving stones – any size, shape or color you like. Scrub the stones with a brush, rinse well, and set the stones aside to dry. 
Place the doily over the top of the stone and coat it thoroughly with spray paint in a hue that contrasts with the color of the stone. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the doily and spray your fancy new stepping stone with an exterior sealer. Karen at Wuvie, via Instructables, tells how to complete this project in detail, without getting paint on nearby ground or plants. 
If you have a woodcutter in the family, a log path is a great way to put dead or fallen trees to good use. This project definitely warrants a sharp saw; depending on the size of your path, you’ll need several wood “slices” measuring 3 or 4 inches thick. The diameter of the slices isn’t important. Stain and seal the slices, allow them to dry thoroughly. Check Grows on You provides a closer look at this imaginative walkway. 
How do you transform concrete into leafy stepping stones? According to Ready, Set Grow, featured on, the primary material for these earthy garden stones is in your own backyard. If you have a plant with big leaves, such as sunflower, oak leaf hydrangea, squash or rhubarb, you’re on the right track.
Check out HGTV's feature on the DIY for details!
“You don’t need a fancy, schmancy mould to make garden stepping stones,” says Christina at Intimate Weddings. According to this creative crafter, all you need to make mosaic stepping stones is a nonstick cake pan, old plates and glassware, and a few basic materials.
For detailed instructions, click here.
This colorful, stepping stone from Tanya at Lovely Greens is a good example of how nature inspires garden art. All you need is a cake pan, cement, and sea glass. Click here for detailed instructions on how to make this stepping stone.
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