How to make DIY bottle lights

In a video from December 2014, the Live Your Style YouTube channel offered a twelve holiday-themed DIY projects. The sixth project? Fabulous bottle lights that use old bottles and stringed lights to produce decor that's beautiful on any occasion! (Truly this DIY would look dazzling in any home year-round!)
Try different colors of lights in different colors of bottles to mix and match and see what you come up with. The bottle lights -- or "bottle brights," as Live Your Style calls them -- can be set in a windowsill, on an end table or in any area that's in need of a little brightening. The result? Instant twinkling ambiance.
Also, make sure to watch the end of the video to see what happens when the bottle is sprayed with "frost"!
To make the bottle lights, first wash the label off of the bottle, then cut a hole near its bottom. This requires a drill and hole saw, very careful placement of the bottle and specific safety gear -- be sure to watch the video for safety advice.
The edge of the circle will be very sharp. Cover it completely with small strips of duct tape. Be careful!
After that, it's a simple matter of stuffing the lights into the bottle. Cramming it full -- perhaps with two or three strands -- will produce a different effect than loosely filling the bottle.
Whether part of your everyday decorating scheme or just for the holidays, the "bottle brights" add a beautiful glow to any room.
Don't want to deal with cutting a hole in the bottle? Watch the end of the video to see how it's done!
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