Learn how to do this fun Crocodile Stitch

Whether you're crafting the perfect booties for your favorite baby, designing a scarf for winter wear or creating your own headbands, having a few different crochet stitches in your toolbox is a great way to add flair and personality to your pieces. The crocodile stitch, also known as the scale stitch, is a relatively new pattern in the art of crochet, according to RedHeart. 
This stitch may be a little tough to master at first, but once you nail this technique, you'll be able to add fun details to all of your projects. 
On her website, The Moogly Blog, Tamara Kelly notes that this is an advanced stitch and that beginners "should be comfortable with both double crochet and post stitches" before working on the Crocodile Stitch. The video featured at the end of the article shows one of the simplest methods for mastering this technique.  
In this technique, Kelly uses a multiple of 5 plus one (a single chain of 21 stitches) as the base. Starting on the sixth chain from the top, do two double crochets, chain one, skip two chains and complete one double crochet. Repeat the process, alternating between one double and two double crochets until you reach the end of the row. 
Once you reach the end of the row, chain one you'll turn the pattern over and begin working on the actual scale portion of the stitch. You can watch the video for details or check out Kelly's tutorial on Craftsy.com for a step-by-step tutorial that takes you through each step and shows you simple ways to add this stitch into different craft projects. 
Have you ever used this type of stitch in your projects? Share photos of your work in our comment section below.
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