Lady transforms empty backyard into a dreamy outdoor space perfect for relaxing

Backyards are sometimes overlooked as potential living space, but a yard tailored to a family's needs and interests can provide years of enjoyment as a place to entertain, relax and enjoy a little taste of the outdoors.
A wooden deck, whether a simple platform or a multi-layered custom design, is the perfect place for these activities. With periodic maintenance and makeovers, the wood will last for many years and can change with your decor tastes.
1. Dream backyard makeover
The Swiders took their time in creating a custom design to personalize their backyard. They spent a year building a custom in-ground pool with decking and have plans to add railings, a bridge, and other finishing touches. Keep up with their progress at Simply Swider.
2. Deck restored with Rust-Oleum
Composite decking was out of the question for Ethan Hagan at One Project Closer, so he decided to use a Rust-Oleum product called "Restore."
Hagan applied the thick material to his deck and writes that, as promised, it filled cracks and buried splinters, creating a beautiful, even surface.
3. Back patio facelift
Tonya took her time remaking her back patio, completing projects one at a time over several years. "It has always been a work in progress, but this year, I think we have finally reached the point where we can say that the back deck is DONE!" she said.
Visit Love of Family and Home to see tutorials for several of the projects, including making the outdoor curtains.
4. Backyard makeover on a dime
The process of remaking an old deck into a space to relax doesn't have to be complicated -- it's really as basic as making just two moves.
Timisha, blogger at ToolBox Divas, simply restored the wood of her deck then added furniture -- $75 to purchase and paint -- and created a whole new backyard space for herself.
There is a great variety of deck stain colors and finishes, paints, and resurfacing products, giving you the freedom to update your outdoor leisure space as you please. These products also maintain the quality of the wood, so that your deck can support many years of entertaining and relaxing.
Have you tried any of these methods on your deck? What were the results? Please SHARE these ideas and tell us in the comments below!
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