Start with a few gold beads and craft a sleek bracelet that looks like a million bucks

Making your own jewelry is not only economical but also a creative process. If you've been searching for the perfect bracelet to no avail, perhaps it's time to create your own. Luckily, Beaducation offers a step-by-step guide for making your very own sleek beaded bracelet. Take a look at the videos below:
Getting started. In the clip below, you'll learn about what we are going to make and why we chose the Delica sea beads.
Tools and Materials
To purchase these materials, please visit Beaducation's website here.
Step 1: Threading the Needle
Step 2: Square Stitch
Step 3: Bugles
Step 4: Starting the Increase
Step 5: Determining the Length
Step 6: Decrease & Finishing
Step 7: Toggle Clasp
Tips & Tricks
If you want a more complex design, check out this pattern by Pshiiit. This design is considered more advanced and may be something you want to attempt once you have mastered the beginner bracelet.
If you want a more classic design, check out this idea from Panda Hall Learning Center. Here, you tie in a few pearls or larger beads to offset the smaller beads. Beautiful!
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See what you can create in just under 5 minutes.
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Custom jewelry is always stunning and a conversation-starter.
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