Glue pennies to an old bowling ball to make a truly unique garden accent

Colorful, whimsical gazing balls are a common sight in gardens these days. They were first introduced in 13th-century Venice by artisan glass blowers, but now they can be made of just about any material that will stand up to the weather. It all depends on which project is your favorite.
The shiny spheres can be anywhere from two inches to two feet in size, and the look depends on your aesthetic and the existing decor in your yard. Gazing balls also attract birds to the yard, which helps with pests and insects. So, get ready to be inspired to make a lovely garden globe of your very own.
1. Shiny pennies make a gorgeous garden gazing ball
This unique penny gazing ball from Kindred Style is simple and adorable. You just need the pennies, a special kind of glue, and an old bowling ball and you're in business.
The base of this ball was specially made for it, but you could easily lie it on the ground or create a stand of your own.
2. Old bowling ball gets a refresh with a coat of paint
The Garden Glove shows us how to create expensive mirrored gazing balls for a whole lot less than you'll find in any store. The balls featured here are made using recycled materials and inexpensive craft store products. Plus, these balls aren't likely to blow away in the wind...they're made from old bowling balls!
3. Old light fixtures turn into unique bases for garden globes
These gazing balls from Time with Thea are a little different than your average globes. The bases are created from old light fixtures to raise the gazing balls up higher than the rest of their surroundings. Check it out to see how to make these unique balls with just a few inexpensive products.
4. Colorful pebbles glued to foam balls create gorgeous gazing balls
This tutorial from Smoothfoam came from inspiration found at the dollar store. They're simple to put together, and the cost is very minimal since the $1 pebbles are just glued to foam balls! The bigger the foam balls, the heavier they'll be. You can create different patterns and get creative with the colors as well.
5. Concrete gazing ball with a couple really surprising ingredients
Design Sponge shows us how to make this gazing ball with concrete and some unique elements, including glass light covers and non-stick cooking spray. The tutorial will show you exactly how to put it all together to create these modern-style gazing balls that will stand the test of any season.
Which project are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments and please don't forget to SHARE with others and pass along the inspiration. Enjoy your new garden gazing balls!
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