Transform an old wine barrel into a pretty yet functional fixture for your yard

Have you ever been working in the garden, covered in dirt, and wished you could have easy access to running water? Or picked a fresh batch of tomatoes you couldn't wait to sink your teeth into, but wanted to wash them first? Well, you don't have to wish anymore. An outdoor sink puts water at your fingertips, conveniently where you need it: right there in the yard.
Suddenly, it's a whole lot easier to wash fresh veggies you harvest from your garden, or rinse off your hands or face when you get extra muddy. It's easy to create an outdoor sink as well, and you don't need to be an expert plumber either. Everything you need will be easy to find at your local home improvement store or already lying around your home.
1. Wine barrel sink puts an elegant touch on outdoor washing
If tapping into an interior water line isn't convenient (or something you want to learn how to do), Instructables user, xraywinedrinker, shows us how to use the garden hose to bring easy running water solutions to your yard.
You can move this one around as well; the only limit is the length of your garden hose. Plus, it's a wine barrel, so it doesn't get any more charming than that.
2. Outdoor pallet sink plus gorgeous garden work station
Setting for Four shows us the ultimate in garden organization with this DIY pallet sink. Of course, pallets are easy to find and inexpensive, so you're already ahead of the game with this project. They really thought of everything, from pegboard tool storage to the garden hose reel on the side. This is the Cadillac of outdoor sink work stations.
3. Simple and streamlined gets the job done
Designs By Studio C shares the step-by-step plans for this simple outdoor sink. Instead of draining water into a septic tank or sewer, you can also collect the water from the drain and recycle it for your plants. Just a few simple steps and you have your very own garden sink.
4. Bring vintage to the garden with this simple, elegant project
This vintage sink from Sunny Simple Life also features a little drinking fountain on the side, so the whole family can hydrate whenever they need to! The family also uses it to wash up before and after barbecues, plus it's ultra convenient for washing veggies and hands from digging in the dirt.
5. Fence post DIY garden sink project
This sink from Broke Ass Home was created using recycled fence posts. The sink top was a $40 Craigslist find, and the rest was simple cuts and attaching a garden hose for the running water. You can see the pots underneath for catching the drain water to use again in the garden.
Which of these projects strikes your fancy? Tell us all about it in the comments and please don't forget to SHARE the inspiration with others. Enjoy your new garden sink!
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