Fasten a chain through a mini terracotta pot to create the quirkiest backyard decor

There's no reason rainy days and Mondays should get you down. Well, maybe there's a case for some Monday blues, but these fabulous rain chain projects might leave you longing for the next downpour.
1. DIY galvanized steel bucket rain chain
The DIY Maven creates a beautiful - and affordable at about only $30 – rain chain at Curbly. These galvanized tins not only provide an efficient and easy-to-clean gutter replacement, but their country-chic look will enhance any garden.
2. DIY mini terracotta pot rain chain
If you crave something a little less rustic and a bit more English garden, this whimsical mini terra cotta pot rain chain might do the trick.
Mandy Pellegrin from Design Sponge credits a trip to Japan though as her source for rain chain fascination and inspiration for these cute pots. Cleverly, she painted each pot in a succession of darker blues in a gorgeous ombre effect. We still think it works especially well in a garden full of bountiful English-style blooms.
3. Spoon rain chain
Can you imagine the beautiful sound of raindrops hitting these spoons? In a unique shabby-chic design, Allison Auth created some magical measurments on the Birds and Blooms blog. And, while upcycling unique spoon patterns from garage sales and thrift stores, may be fun, Auth cautions crafters to stick to thinner surfaces for ideal manipulation of the medal.
4. DIY gem-stone rain chain
This rain chain just begs for a few garden fairies. Using the contrast of copper wire and recycled glass, this is a rain chain that provides beauty – rain or shine. A mother-daughter pair shows the easy steps on Crafted in Carhartt for a craft that looks much more fun when shared.
5. Glass rain chains
Finally, if the chain of your dreams just doesn't seem like it can come from your own hands, Teri Welsch of Etsy's WhenLifeGivesURocks creates beautiful custom glass rock rain chains in the colors and sizes you crave.
Whatever your outdoor style, a boring gutter shouldn't be part of it. Share these fabulous tips with your crafty friends and watch the thanks rain down!
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