Twist garden wire into small hoops to craft these delightful mini-topiaries for the yard

Nothing makes your garden look as professionally manicured as a topiary. They add real style to your yard, patio or deck, and are rewarding to make your own. If you think they're too intimidating for you to do yourself, think again! They're actually really easy to do and can add some unique interest to your garden.
Today, we're going to take a look at how to make traditional boxwood topiaries, and also some more unique ideas for topiaries, like animal shapes and even some made from herbs, herb clippings, and moss.
1. Turn a boxwood into a beautiful topiary
This topiary DIY from HGTV takes about three hours to complete and lasts all year long. There are some easy tips to make your shape uniform all the way around, and the best ways to choose your shape depending on the landscaping in your yard. No worries if you make a mistake, you can always leave the area to regrow, then try again.
2. Turtle topiary using succulents and Dollar Store supplies
Gardening in the Shade shows us how to make this super-cute succulent turtle without spending a lot of time or money. You can see his little feet are made out of planters, and his shell is also made out of an upside down hanging planter. Succulents are easy to care for and are virtually maintenance-free, so you can enjoy this little guy for many seasons to come.
3. Simple how-to moss urn for inside or out
If you want a simple, easy moss topiary, this one from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss is for you. This moss urn is not complicated to put together and will last a long time since moss is so easy to grow on just about any hard surface. You can make the shape just about anything you want as well, so get inspired and make beautiful, shapely topiaries to complement your garden.
4. Turn herbs into charming mini-topiaries
Whitney Curtis shows us how to use rosemary to make the perfect-sized topiary for your deck, patio or even as a gift.
The thick leaves help the rosemary make a distinctive shape (wrap it around a glass to get a uniform circle) and it also smells glorious. It takes just an afternoon to put several of these together, and just 6 simple ingredients.
5. Turn herb cuttings into trained topiaries with a little patience
These topiaries from eHow feature trees made from cuttings taken from the garden. You can use cuttings from lavender, rosemary, scented geranium, woody thyme or fragrant myrtle to root and train all winter into a topiary. This is a great project for someone with a lot of patience!
Which topiary are you going to add to your garden? We'd love to hear from you in the comments and as always, please SHARE the inspiration with others. Enjoy your new fancy topiary!
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