Arrange some foam in a bucket for a stunning planter

Putting together a container arrangement during the winter months may be intimidating to even the most seasoned gardeners. But, there are plenty of helpful hints and tricks to make your arrangement look the best of the best. You can customize them and play around with what you use. It's fun!
The end result will be a welcoming entryway, or front gate or even inside your door - to showcase your lovely evergreens when your holiday guests arrive. You can even find most of what you need already in the back yard.
1. Add some ornaments to make it extra festive​
Ottawa Garden Design shows us how to get creative with this outdoor holiday planter. You can put different combinations of plants together to increase visual interest. Some suggestions: Ilex berries, holly, curly willow branches, birch logs and holiday ornaments. Enjoy and be creative!
2. It's all about the add-ons for this lovely outdoor piece
Check out this lovely arrangement from Feast & Flowers. The added pops of color really bring out the lovely shade of green from the evergreens. You can add on anything you like to make your arrangement stand out, and you can change it up every year so you always have a fresh container for the holidays.
3. The perfect ingredients for a winter container arrangement
Hortiholic gives step-by-step directions to create great winter containers. Don't forget to mix up the different types of evergreens to create different textures and smells. Also, you can find out which type of soil you should use to best keep the upright. So much good stuff to learn here!
4. Follow one trick to make the most balanced-looking holiday planter
Nest Design Studio shows us how to perfectly arrange your elements to make your planter look the most full it can look. They'll look really nice and balanced if you just follow one trick described in this article. You can incorporate different ideas for finishing touches - one suggestion is to put pomegranates in there, too.
5. Decorate the perfect door planter for the Christmas season
Interior Frugalista shows us 8 simple steps to creating the perfect entryway planters. They're inexpensive and most of the ingredients were found around the house (hint: check the back yard). There's even a tip inside on how to save money filling a large planter like the one in the picture.
Which planter are you going to try? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to SHARE this planter inspiration with others. Enjoy!
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