Watch how to apply liquid lipstick like a pro

Liquid lipstick is all the craze right now, but for those of us that are used to regular old lipstick--it can be a little intimidating. You may be surprised to learn that it's not nearly as complex as you may think. If you've been dying to try out liquid lipstick, but didn't know quite where to start, you are definitely going to want to check out this easy tutorial!
In this brief video posted by Nikkie Tutorials, we get a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this flawless look. Not only can you get perfect lips in under five minutes, the method is so easy even beginners can do it! Be sure to watch the video for total instructions.
How to apply liquid lipstick like a makeup pro
Makeup products needed
Foundation brush
Liquid lipstick
Lip brush
Concealer brush
1. Begin by covering your lips with a small amount of concealer or foundation. You can accomplish this by going over your lips with your foundation brush after you have applied foundation over the rest of your face.
2. Instead of using the liquid lipstick wand, use a lip brush to take small amounts from the wand.
3. Begin with your top lip. Start by smiling slightly as you draw in your cupid's bow. To make sure that both sides are even, draw a small cross in the center of your lip.
4. Next, pick up more lipstick with your lip brush and pop out your top lip slightly. Place the lipstick brush in the corner of the top lip and flick it toward your top lip. You will have two lines, one at the top and one at the corner of your lip. Connect these lines. Fill in the rest of the lip with the wand.
5. Once you begin on the bottom lip, you can start by using the wand directly on the center of your lip.
6. Pick up more liquid lipstick with the lipstick brush. Drag the lipstick from the corner of the mouth to the center on each side. Fill in slightly at the bottom for a finished look.
7. Complete the look by filling in your lips with more liquid lipsticks. To perfect the look, you can use a small amount of concealer to clean up the lines.
Pro tip: For the best coverage, apply the liquid lipstick directly to your lips instead of using the back of your hand as a starter pallet.
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