How to cross stitch on your crochet (video & written pattern)

Watch the video demonstration above by Ashleigh Kiser to learn how to cross stitch on your crochet.
If you enjoyed our tutorial on surface crochet, you'll love hearing about a new technique to add even more embellishment to your finished projects - cross stitching.
With cross stitch you can add definition or create stunning motifs that take your finished result to the next level.
You will need a finished crochet project, ideally one with a uniform surface, like a scarf, hat or blanket made from a simple stitch like single crochet. You will also need some yarn in different colors for the cross stitch itself, and a blunt-ended or tapestry needle similar to those used when weaving in ends.
Pro tip: The simpler and plainer the background, the more your cross stitch will stand out.
Pro tip: Make sure there is plenty of contrast between your background crochet and the yarn you use to cross stitch. Think black on white, or vice versa, pastels on darks, or dark on pale colors.
Pro tip: Don't use yarn that's too chunky, your cross stitches will run into each other and lose definition.
Pro tip: Once you've got the hang of the technique, try drawing out a pattern first on squared paper, than recreate your idea on the crocheted surface.
Ashleigh Kiser / DIY Everywhere
Written instructions
Start by threading your tapestry or blunt-ended needle with your contrast yarn. If your background crochet has a distinct right and wrong side, then push the needle through the 'wrong' side onto the 'right' side. Do not knot the yarn but leave a long tail of six or so inches.
Take the needle diagonally upwards and left from your starting point, insert back into the crochet background and bring the needle back out at a point parallel to the place where you started from. Now cross your first diagonal stitch, push the needle through and across, bringing it out again to the right of your stitch, at a regular interval. Now repeat your first cross to the left, then to the right again.
You will soon build up a pattern of crosses on the surface of your crochet. Continued around the edge of a hat this makes a lovely finishing touch, or, if you're feeling more ambitious, you can use the crosses to build up a pattern of squares or hearts to make your project really unique
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