How to knit the seed stitch (video tutorial)

The British moss stitch - also known as the seed stitch in America - is a favorite amongst those who love knits and purls. That's because the moss stitch is essentially that - switching between 1 knit stitch and 1 purl stitch across a row, then alternating. The pattern creates a perfectly supple and bumpy texture that knitters just adore.
Now, this stitch isn't to be confused with the American Moss stitch either - which Creative Knitting Magazine explains is different from the British moss stitch, otherwise known as the seed stitch. They say the confusion stems from the fact that the British just call it a 'Moss' stitch.
The experts at Craftsy go on to say the Moss Stitch a great stitch because it doesn't curl up like a regular stockinette. That means it's going to be a great blankie for a little one, and a wonderful pattern for scarf making. It is a simple stitch, but at the same time, the way the yarn alternates between a knit and a purl gives it a wonderful texture that is both cozy and beautiful.
Wool and the Gang has come up with a stellar tutorial to teach anyone - whether you call it Moss or Seed - how to work with this beautiful pattern. First, they note if you're starting odd you start with a knit, and if you start even you start with a purl.
The second thing to remember before getting started is that you're alternating rows. So, if like the tutorial you're odd - you'll start your first row knit, purl, knit purl straight across. The next row will then switch to purl, knit, purl, knit until that row is completed too.
The knitters at Wool and Gang also give an awesome tip for remembering what stitch is next - because we've all been there! They say that if the stitch on your left needle has a bump, your next stitch is going to be a knit. But, if the stitch on the left needle is shaped in a 'V,' you're going to purl it.
Check out the video for the full tutorial, and let us know if you're going to give this stitch a try in the comments!
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