Use this trick to fix your broken pressed powder

Pressed powder is a great tool to have in your makeup bag, it's just so unfortunate that they break so easy! Well, guess what? There's an easy solution to fix your powder so it's good as new! That's right, now there's no need to throw it away when it breaks!
You'll need some foam rounds, 70% rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, and something to press down the powder with (a metal spoon works perfectly). Start by grinding all of your powder into dust, then flattening it out as a spoon. Spray it with the alcohol and press it down with the rounds. That's it! Your powder will be good as new!
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April 26   ·  
Admit it. You never do #4, but you will now.
April 25   ·  
I never thought of using a pale color as a highlighter instead. So smart!
April 24   ·