How to crochet beautiful dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are a traditional Native American idea and, as well as helping to ensure a restful night's sleep, they make a lovely adornment for your bedroom or a really thoughtful gift for a loved one.
Though their intricate webs look fragile, they are easy to create and to embellish with specially chosen feathers and beads.
Watch this crochet dreamcatcher tutorial by tlcinspirations:
To make your own dreamcatcher, you will need the following supplies, all of which can be easily found and ordered online:
A 6 or 7-inch diameter wooden embroidery hoop
Cotton yarn and a fine crochet hook. Size H or 8 is ideal.
A few beads which complement your yarn color
Feathers that tone with your yarn color
A yarn or tapestry needle
Craft glue
Sl st slip stitch
St(s) stitch(es)
Written instructions
First, create a slipknot on your crochet hook. Then take your hook and put it on top of the embroidery hoop, with your yarn hanging down to the back, behind the hoop. Reach down with your hook and pull up a loop from in front of the hoop, then pull up another loop from behind the hoop. You have two loops on your hook. Pull the hook through the first loop, then sl st through the second loop. Repeat this process, pushing the sts together as you go, until the entire hoop is covered in sts. Pull the initial tail of yarn through the loop of your last st and pull tight.
At this point, if you are using a large ball of yarn, you may want to unwind about three or four yards' worth as the ball will become unwieldy during the process of creating the dreamcatcher web.
Now wrap the yarn around the covered hoop at intervals of one inch to an inch and a half. This will anchor your dreamcatcher's central webbing.
When you have gone around the whole hoop, then start threading your yarn through the wraps you have just made, starting to make your web. If the wraps are tight, use the crochet hook or tapestry needle to thread through. Make sure everything holds firm but don't make it too tight or too loose.
Continue to weave your yarn through each opening, creating a beautiful web effect. You may like to stop now and then to add a sparkling bead or tie in a feather as an embellishment. The webs will become tighter and smaller as you reach the center - use your hook or thread the yarn into your needle.
When you have reached the center, do not cut your yarn, but thread it with your tapestry needle or use a piece of jewelry wire to add beads onto the yarn. One special bead as a centerpiece looks pretty. You can then add additional strings of beads to the outside of the dreamcatcher, securing feathers into the beads with glue. To make a hanging loop, chain 20 or so sts, attach to the dreamcatcher's hoop, and sew the chain closed.
There we are - a dreamcatcher that's so simple to make, it won't give anyone nightmares!
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