'Quilt-as-you-go' placemats video tutorial

What could be better than a quilt so easy that almost quilts itself? Yes, that's quite a bold statement, but it's pretty close to what How To Sew meant with "quilt-as-you-go" technique: "when the top is done, so is the quilting!"
The item they've selected to showcase this handy method is a beautiful placemat. The only thing you have to do once the top is ready is add the binding. Voilá! A placemat able to cheer up the saddest and loneliest of tables.
In this article, you'll find a list including the materials needed for each placemat, as well as two different videos: The first one showcases the 'quilt-as-you-go' method; the second video demonstrates how to finish the placemat's binding.
9 2.5"x14" fabric strips for the front part of each placemat
14x20" fabric rectangle for the back of each placemat
14X20" rectangle for the batting of each placemat
2 2.5x42" strips of fabric for the binding of each placemat
Water-soluble marking pen
Scissors/rotary cutter
Sewing machine
Quilt basting spray (optional)
1. 'Quilt-as-you-go' placemats video tutorial:
2. How to bind your 'quilt-as-you-go' placemats tutorial:
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