10 surprising uses for tin foil

When it comes to tin foil, most people will agree that it has some pretty versatile uses. However, most people limit its use to the confines of the kitchen. The truth is, tin foil can be incorporated in so many areas of your home and can serve as low-cost household hacks.
Don't just use tin foil to preserve last night's leftovers! You'll be amazed at just what you can accomplish with this ordinary pantry item. Check out these 10 creative solutions for inspiration for your next project.
1. Static Deterrent
Don't you just hate it when your clothes come out of the dryer all static-y? 1000LifeHacks indicates that throwing in a couple of balls of tin foil into the dryer will keep your clothes static-free. That sounds easy enough!
2. Rust Removal
Mix a little water and baking soda and you have the perfect concoction to remove rust. The rough surface of crumpled tin foil works to remove the rust quickly without damaging the surface.
3. Photography Hack
For all of you aspiring photographers out there, this DIY photography setup is a must try. DIY Projects shows us how simple it is to make a critical component for a photography set by relying on aluminum foil to work as reflective lighting.
4.Keep Bananas Fresh
Don't you just hate when bananas ripen too quickly? You can prolong their shelf life by wrapping the stems in aluminum foil. BuzzFeed indicates that doing so will keep bananas fresher for at least 3-5 days longer.
5. Teeth Whitening
You can even use tin foil to whiten your teeth. Mamabee describes the process as pretty simple. You just need some toothpaste, baking soda, tin foil and your chompers. If you repeat the method twice a day then you should see results in just a few days.
6. DIY Curls
This awesome idea brought to us by Happy Little Hummingbird makes curling hair an absolute breeze. Simply wrap your hair in aluminum foil, heat with a straightener, and viola! Not only do the curls look great, but last for hours!
7. Attract Fish
You read that correctly--you can actually use tin foil to attract fish! The fishermen in your life are going to love this hack! The idea is that the reflection of the foil will catch the eye of the fish and trick it into taking a big bite of your hook.
8. Jewelry Cleaner
Is your favorite piece of jewelry looking a little bland? You can shine it right up with this easy-to-use cleaning mixture and a bit of tin foil. This idea brought to us by Censible Chicks allows you to fall in love with your favorite pieces all over again.
9. Pastry Bag
If you decide that your freshly baked goods need a little something special, you can make your very own pastry bag with tin foil. A blog on eBay describes that all you have to do is create a con-shape with the foil and then cut a tip in the top for the frosting to come out.
10. Shield Your Trees
Chipmunks and squirrels are pretty cute, but not when they are devouring your trees! To protect them, you can cover the bark with a couple of layers of aluminum foil the texture and shining appearance will keep the pests away.
Who knew that there were so many uses for tin foil? Share with your friends to see which ideas are their favorite. Don't forget to try out a few yourself!
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