Say goodbye to streaks on your windshield. Here's the right way to clean the interior windshield of your car

When you think about your car windshield, you might think about bird poop and other gunk on the outside. The truth is that the interior isn't all that clean. Dust, oils, smoking residue, and other less desirable particles (from sneezing or coughing) are trapped on the interior windshield.
Perhaps you've tried to fix a dirty interior windshield with your spit only to make matters even worse. No worries - we've got the perfect fix for you. It takes just 3 materials and can be done in 15 mins. By the end, you'll have a clean, shiny windshield. Keep reading for how this magic happens:
Materials needed:
- 2 dry microfiber towel (or paper towels, but microfiber is superior)
- Mr. Clean magic eraser
- Glass cleaner
1. Perform initial wipe down with microfiber cloth like so:
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Make sure to use a circular motion.
2. Degrease your windshield. Soak the Mr. Clean magic eraser in water. Meanwhile, lay down some microfiber cloths on your car dashboard to make sure you don't get the next step all over the inside of your car. Using the eraser, use the same circular motion to degrease the glass.
3. Make it shine. Spray glass cleaner on microfiber cloth. Use the same circular motion to do a final cleaning.
Ta-da! Your windshield will thank you.
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