12 awesome ways to reuse a pegboard. Change the way you organize forever

Pegboards are typically pegged as garage tool organizers. But, it's about time the pegboard gets some recognition for its usefulness in other rooms in the home.
We've scoured the web to find the best ways to use pegboard in everywhere from your kitchen to the bedroom, toy room, mudroom and craft room. You can pretty much use pegboard anywhere to stay organized, and it's a great tool to use because it's easy to spruce up the look, too.
Don't believe us that pegboard can actually be cute? Check out the list below for some inspiration.
1. Craft board organizer
Craft drawers are really just an abyss of crumpled, disorganized products. Instead, hang them in clear sight by your desk so everything you need is in reach. Plus, it looks pretty cute, too.
2. Mudroom organizer
Mudrooms don't have to be all about shelf storage. Using a pegboard can help you organize with hooks and baskets for all your backs, jackets and whatnot that get piled up there.
3. Framed desk organizer
Dress up a regular pegboard by framing it in reclaimed, stained wood or any other type of frame you fancy. This will turn that peg board from garage-grade to Instagram worthy!
4. Dress it up with a cross stitch pattern
Is this the cutest pegboard, or what? This super creative idea is unique and fun, but does require a little planning beforehand. In the end, though, your craft board or kids desk-organizer is going to really pop.
5. Pegboard box
This is so smart! If you don't want -- or need -- a whole pegboard, this is an awesome alternative. Use it to hold craft supplies or miscellaneous items. Then, around the sides, you can store all the extra little stuff that needs to be out or doesn't fit in the drawer.
6. Kitchen organizer
What a clever solution! Keep all your different sized dishes in place as you slide the drawer open and closed. Just grab some pinboard and some spools to place in the right spots.
7. Mug organizer
While we're on the topic of kitchens -- why not organize your mugs too while you're at it? This is really a space (and life) saver!
8. Bedroom decoration
If you can't quite commit to the art you want to hang over your bed or you need some extra storage, this is an awesome option. Hang framed art, add a little shelf for your books and whatever else you can think of.
9. Cover a wall with it and hang your art
This is an awesome solution if you're the type of person who likes to switch up your art often. It's also a great idea for a kids playroom. You can hang all the different kid's art as well as baskets and other organizers.
10. Pegboard shelves
If you're not really sure how pegboard shelves work, this is a great example of it. Use little bungee chords to hold up the shelves as well as other magazines and books. It's a pretty inexpensive space saver, plus, it looks modern.
11. Garage organizer
We typically think of pegboard for the garage anyways. But, we love this fresh take on it. It's a great solution if you're short on wall space but still need to keep all your tools organized.
12. Big wall organizer
Last but not least, check out this giant wall organizer. Now, this is storage. There's hanging baskets shelves and tons of great hooks for everything else. Whether it's your craft room or laundry room (can't you see those baskets just filled with socks?), this pinboard wall organizer will change your life.
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