6 awesome ways to attach granny squares

There are almost as many ways to join granny squares as there are patterns for these traditional blanket designs. Sometimes you'll be looking for the quickest and easiest method, sometimes you'll be after something that adds its own special finishing touch to the look of your project.
Whichever way you're going, you'll find something in this list that will suit you - and your granny - right down to the ground.
1. Slip stitch
This is a popular and easy way to lock your squares into place, producing a seam that looks a little like single crochet at the back but is slightly flatter. From the front, the seam is barely visible. Here's a great tutorial from Attic 24.
2. Whip stitch
If you've had quite enough of crochet by the time you get to the joining up part of your project, then you might like to change over to hand sewing for some variety. Whip stitch is a quick and easy joining method. If you choose a contrasting color yarn the effect can add a decorative touch to your work.
3. Single crochet
The single crochet join is a pretty way of adding squares which gives a slightly raised border, standing proud of the rest of your work. This can be a clever way of emphasising and framing your squares if you pick out the join in a contrast tone.
4. Seamless join method
This seamless join method could just as well be called the 'granny join' - you basically add clusters of trebles linking your existing squares and the join merges into the rest of the pattern. This great tutorial gives you step by step instructions.
5. Celtic Lace join
If you're looking for a really spectacular joining method, which becomes a feature as important as your granny squares themselves, then you'll love the Celtic Lace join, explained in detail in this great tutorial here.
6. Scallop join
While we're looking at lovely lacy joins, you won't be able to resist the scallop join, another clever pattern which successfully links squares and adds plenty of interest to your project along the way. See how to do it here.
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