9 stunning ways to make your corner-to-corner afghan/throw unique

Corner to corner afghans are gorgeous, chunky throws made in a unique way. You start with a single cluster of double crochets, forming a little box shape, then with the next row you make two boxes, and so on, adding one box or cluster with each turn. Eventually, when your throw reaches the right width for your project, you will start decreasing the stitches and will end up with one box on the other side.
The way the work is turned on every row adds texture as the 'right' and 'wrong' sides are either raised or lowered, giving a really pleasing, pitted effect. It's a lovely simple method and, if you master the art of crocheting over your ends as you join yarn, you will be left with no ends to sew in and no squares to join together - just one big, beautiful blanket. First have a look at the tutorial on how to make the blanket, then see all the amazing variations on the theme that we have picked out.
1. The corner to corner afghan
This great basic pattern will set you on your way to making some really imaginative projects.
2. Striped corner to corner afghan
If you crochet over your yarn change ends as you go, adding loads of stripes to a c2c afghan like this one is child's play.
Or this rainbow one:
3. Rectangle c2c
If you love the idea of a c2c throw, but want a rectangle rather than the traditional square, then this tutorial will show you how.
4. Heart square c2c
If you want to surprise someone special, how about crafting a c2c with a central heart motif? This would look great as a pillow cover, or you could use repeating motifs on a blanket.
5. C2c graphgans
As the double crochet clusters of the c2c crochet pattern resemble blocks, it is possible to plot out a pattern on graph paper with one square representing each block, and then recreate it with your crochet. As well as this adorable teddy bear graphgan, this tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on how to plot your own designs.
6. Christmas graphgan
For sheer impressive scale and ingenuity, you can't beat this graphgan from Repeat Crafter Me:
7. Graphgan resources
If you have some great graphgan ideas but are a little wary of creating the patterns yourself, there are some firms out there that can help. and can both help to take you from sketch to throw, and have examples of patterns that will inspire you.
8. Finishing touches
Even when your c2c throw is finished, the fun and creativity doesn't stop. A c2c doesn't need a border, but it's yet another way to add a little imagination and personality to your work. Check out this scalloped border for a pretty finish.
9. Southwestern Style
This pattern is a favorite of mine.
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