Don't toss out your mason jar. Here's 15 nifty ways to reuse them

Remember when mason jars were in? Well they still are, and for a good reason. They are simplistic yet elegant, and there are numerous uses for them. Did you think that they were only for your healthy smoothies?
We scoured the world wide web to find the best DIY projects on how to re-use mason jars. From soap dispensers to wedding decor to solar lights, you'll definitely find some inspiration here. Now get out your mason jars and start crafting!
1. Make a chandelier
Let us take a minute to ooh and ahh at this mason jar chandelier. This would be a great addition to your living room, dining room and bedroom. Perfect if you want to add unique treasure to your home. Find more inspiration here.
2. Create a soap dispenser
Use a mason jar to make a soap dispenser for your bathroom or kitchen. Check out the easy DIY tutorial here.
3. Make a lamp
We are in love with this mason jar lamp. You can customise the lamp to any design you like to match your home interior. More inspiration here.
4. Make a wine cork and mason jar centerpiece
This unique centerpiece creates a cozy, romantic mood. Made out of a mason jar filled with wine corks and an optional tea light. This is a great project to reuse your wine corks. Here is the DIY tutorial.
5. Make a tissue holder
Substitute your boring cardboard tissue box for this lovely mason jar tissue holder with this easy DIY tutorial. They are perfect to place on your bedside table, living room and bathroom.
6. Create a match dispenser
This nifty project is great for storing your matches, and keeping them all in one place. Check out some inspiration here.
7. Make hanging flower holders
These mason jar hanging flower holders make cute wedding decor. They are simple and inexpensive to make, making them perfect for a wedding on a budget. Hang them from a tree, or a chair, and you're good to go! Check out this tutorial to recreate this rustic look.
8. Make a gum-ball machine
How creative is this? We all remember gum-ball machines right? You can make your own with a mason jar! Challenge your sweet tooth and check out more inspiration here.
9. Create a twine holder
This is organization at it's finest. Use mason jars as twine dispensers with this great tutorial. Perfect for a crafter who wants to keep their space organized.
10. Make a candle
We love this idea. Amp up your relaxation time with these mason jar candles. Get your favourite herbs and follow this easy tutorial. These are perfect as gifts, and as finishing touches for your home.
11. Create a snack dispenser
These snack dispensers are perfect to store your child's snacks or even your four legged fur baby's treats. Check out the simple DIY tutorial here.
12. Make solar lights
In less than 30 minutes, you can bring light to your front porch and best of all, you'll be using solar energy! Here is the tutorial to get you started.
13. Make a Santa mason jar gift
Santa mason jars are adorable additions to your Christmas decor. Place them on the table as centerpieces, using them to store your favourite baked cookies or give them as a gift. The possibilities are endless. Check out the quick and easy DIY tutorial here.
14. Create a terrarium
Bring the outdoors into your home by creating a terrarium. Mason jars are perfect to grow herbs and house terrariums. You can hang them from the ceiling, or place them on your windowsill to add more greenery into your life. Here are some inspiration for your project.
15. Make a diffuser
Choose your favourite essential oil and let the scent disperse throughout your home from your mason jar diffuser. Check out this simple tutorial here.
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