Stop throwing out Amazon boxes. Here's 14 brilliant ways to reuse them

Online shopping is one of the biggest movements since the invention of the internet, and do you know what that means? A huge collection of cardboard mailing boxes. Before you throw them in the trash, there are great ways you can reuse them to create brilliant projects.
Here are a set of great DIY tutorials you should try to give those cardboard boxes another purpose. We're talking about storage boxes, kids play houses, organization stations and more.
1. Make a lined canvas storage box
This lined canvas storage box is a quick and easy tutorial for any maker! All you need is a cardboard box and fabric of your choice. Check out the simple tutorial here.
2. Use it for a circle weaving project
This is a kid friendly project using yarn and a piece of cardboard. Spend some quality time with your kids with this fun and easy tutorial.
3. Create wall art
Add a pop of color to your room by creating abstract wall art made of cardboard. We are in love with this look. Check out this tutorial to recreate it.
4. Make a wall clock
How adorable is this wall clock? We love the shabby chic design but you can customize it to any design you want. Here is the easy DIY tutorial.
5. Make burlap storage boxes
Storage boxes make a huge difference to your life, honestly. Keep clutter-free with these burlap storage boxes made from cardboard boxes. Here is the tutorial to get you on the road to a clutter-free life.
6. Create a tray
This tray is perfect for your living room. Keep a picture frame, TV remote, and vase of blooms on this tray to give your home a cozy look. Here is the tutorial to create this.
7. Make a homework caddy
Organize your desk with this repurposed cardboard box homework caddy. Place your books, stationary and other important notes into the caddy to keep your area neat and tidy. Check out the full tutorial here.
8. Make a headboard
This simple headboard will make your room feel like home. Customisable to your tastes and inexpensive to make. Check out the easy DIY tutorial here.
9. Create a jewelry tray
Keep your jewelry organized with these pretty trays made from cardboard boxes. These trays will look lovely on your dressing table. Here is the DIY tutorial.
10. Make cardboard box vehicles
These cardboard box vehicles are the cutest things ever! Check out the tutorials on how to make these designs. They are easy to create, inexpensive and what is important is that your kids will love this.
11. Make a cardboard box castle
This is another kid friendly project that is perfect for playtime fun. For more inspiration, check this out.
12. Make drawer dividers
Organize your drawers with these cardboard dividers. You won't be opening a messy drawer again! Check out the tutorial here to get started.
13. Make coasters
Protect your table tops with these cardboard coasters. Cut your cardboard box into circles or squares, and wrap them with decorative duct table. Here is the full tutorial.
14. Create a kids play-set
If you have kids or grandkids, this is a perfect DIY project to make for them. Make their playtime an ounce more fun with this cardboard play set. Check out the easy tutorial here.
or this awesome marble run: ​
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