Stop throwing out old knife blocks. Here are 10 amazing ways to re-use them

We might think knife blocks are impossible to reuse because they are just... knife blocks. What more could they be used for? We can assure you that there are many other uses your old knife block can benefit you with.
Before you throw away your old knife block, read our top 10 DIY tutorials on how to upcycle it into loved treasures. Imagine stationary holders, beautified "new" knife blocks, and tool holders. These are just some of the projects you can do to transform your old knife block into something better.
1. Upcycle it into a crayon holder
Organize your craft supplies with this crayon holder. You can also add other bits and pieces to the holder since it is so versatile. This is great for storing your kids' craft supplies so that it won't be scattered all over your home. Check out the easy DIY tutorial here.
2. Turn it into an iPad holder
Nowadays, there are so many recipes online that we can experiment with. This project turns your old knife block into a handy iPad holder. This will make it much easier to read recipes while chopping up some vegetables.
3. Repurpose to a thread organizer
Sewing enthusiasts and quilters, this one is for you. We all know the struggle of finding that particular thread which is most likely situated deep in your thread collection. With this simple DIY project, your craft station will be organized in no time.
4. Turn it into a tool rack
Reusing your old knife block as a tool rack is a nifty idea! Look at all that storage space. For more inspiration, check this out.
5. Turn it into a shabby chic knife block
We are in love with this knife block! The shabby chic design is amazing, and would give your home interior a warm and fuzzy vibe. Here is some more inspiration.
6. Turn a wooden knife block into a stainless steel knife block
Do you like the look of a stainless steel knife block? Good news. You can make your own with your old wooden knife block using the power of stainless steel spray paint. Here is the easy tutorial to get you started.
7. Upcycle into a bold knife block
Need to give your old knife block some oomph? Repaint it in any color you like, and cut out some white vinyl for the font using a Silhouette machine. Voila! Your old knife block is now "new" again. Check out the quick tutorial here.
8. Upcycle into a patterned knife block
Thinking of color coordinating your kitchen utensils but have a boring, ugly knife block? Don't worry, this tutorial will teach you how to beautify that old thing. Matching things are cute, right?
9. Upcycle it into a flower vase
Transform your old knife block into a beautiful flower vase. This is perfect to hold your fresh blooms, or even as a gift to your special someone. Check out the full tutorial here.
10. Repurpose into a stationary caddy
Students, work at home moms and dads, and teachers, this project is for you. This stationary caddy made from an old knife block is a great addition to your desk. With practical storage space for your pens, pencils and other stationary, it will keep your space neat and tidy. Check out some inspiration here.
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