10 brilliant crafts that use lacy doilies

If you're looking for a simple craft with big, beautiful results you probably want a doily project. Whether you use vintage doilies or brand new ones, you can create some gorgeous projects for your home and even wardrobe.
It's really easy to work with doilies because they bend and twist in just about any way you can get them. Plus, they're beautiful, so you might even get carried away working them into everything on this list like pretty jewelry bowls, wall art or even totes and lanterns.
Check out the list and be sure to let us know what you think!
1. Wreath
This wreath by the blog Becoming Lola is gorgeous and versatile. It's going to look good hung all year round, and you can even dress it up with other accessories for the holidays. Plus, this wreath lights up! That's right. Golden light filters through all those perfectly-cut designs creating a totally unique piece of art.
2. A doily bowl
Is this the cutest bowl you've ever seen, or what? This pretty little bowl by Free People is perfect for storing jewelry and little keepsakes and will look good whether it's on your bedroom dresser or an adorable accessory in the kids room.
3. Mason jar wrap
This is the ultimate way to spruce up mason jars to use as vases for a party, around the house, or even jars you fill with goodies as gifts for friends. It's cheap, easy and it looks oh-so-shabby-chic. What a wonderful idea by Yellow Bliss Road.
4. A cutout t-shirt
No need to purchase one of those pricey (but cute) shirts with the cutouts in the back. Now, with the help of blogger Elena Varg's tutorial, you can transform a regular t-shirt into a boutique-worthy blouse.
5. Lantern
It's the same idea as the bowl in the sense that you're going to shape this doily into a sphere-like shape. But this time around, Seventeen shows you how to turn into a boho-chic lamp. This will look great hung in a pretty corner, the kid's room or even the back deck.
6. Framed art
Are your doilies so pretty you want to put them on display? Over at Flea Market Trixie, they show you how to turn your treasures into a work of art you'll admire for years to come.
7. A quilt
Spruce up an old quilt or blanket with the help of some delicate, and pretty doilies. It's a great idea for a personalized gift or to just give a fresh look to something already lying around your home. It looks so good no one will believe you made it yourself with the help of V and Co.
8. Wall art
Using paper doilies, or old cloth ones you don't really care about, you can create these beautiful designs on a canvas. Just grab your favorite paint swatches and get pressing away. The end result, as shown by Hambly Screen Prints, looks like something you'd pick up at a boutique or design shop.
9. Monogrammed tote
Now, this is an awesome gift idea. Using paint and the outer ring of a doily, Women's Day explains how to turn a normal tote into a totally cute new accessory. Simply fill in your friends or families initials in each corner and now you have a personal, handmade gift to give.
10. A pillow
Turn those old doilies into something cute like a pillow. We love how blogger Dolly over at Smile and Wave placed some gorgeous mustard yellow fabric underneath. It shows through the pretty doily patterns and adds a bit of a modern touch.
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