7 awesome plants that repel bugs and pests

Whether you're dealing with pests in your garden or pests on your porch during relaxing mornings or dinner parties, these creatures get on your nerves. They don't just bite you and chew through your plants, they can take down the entire ecosystem you've created for yourself in your beautiful garden.
Many people don't want to fight the pests with chemicals, though. Using pesticides or bug sprays can often mean it leaks into your plants -- and that's not really something you want, especially if you plan to harvest any of them. Luckily, mother nature has some tricks up her sleeve. Use these plants here below to naturally repel any unwanted guests.
1. Lavender
We all know the smell of lavender is the ultra-soothing and relaxing. But for insects, not so much. The editors over at Natural Living Idea's explain that this fragrant plant will repel bugs and mosquitoes from your garden and dinner parties.
2. Lemon Grass
The Old Farmer's Almanac explains that lemon grass is actually a key ingredient in the citronella oils and candles you buy. This plant, which comes from the world's most tropical climates, repels unwanted mosquitos
3. Marigolds
Natural Living Ideas says marigolds contain a powerful bug repelling compound known as Pyrethrum. The oils from natural insecticide have been found to last for hours when used on the body, but you can also plop one of these by your front door, garden or patio to keep bugs away, too.
4. Garlic
The good folks over at the Old Farmers Almanac note that garlic keeps more than vampires away. This potent plant repels mosquitos as well as harmful cabbage moths.
5. Basil
This versatile plant is amazing cooked up in everything from Thai to Italian food. But the Farmers Almanac says this awesome herb also repels mosquitoes and flies, so it's a great plant to keep in a herb garden on your porch.
6. Peppermint
This beautiful smelling herb is strong and refreshing for us, but not pests. They hate the stuff. The Farmers Almanac says this plant will repel unwanted bugs like mosquitoes, ants and even mice!
7. Petunias
The bloggers over at Hellow Glow say that pretty petunias actually pack a pretty big punch when it comes to dealing with pests. When kept in a sunny spot, this flowering plant will repel squash bugs, beetles and aphids.
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