Don't toss out clothes with underarm stains. Try these nifty techniques instead

We've all been there -- standing in the washroom looking down at our favorite shirt that's become stained, discolored and tattered. The usual wear and tear of everyday use causes the underarms of our favorite shirts to become discolored and yellow from sweat and deodorant. But, you don't have to give in to those stains any longer.
This list has the ultimate solutions to ridding your favorite clothing of pesky stains. That's right, you'll never have to wear a stained shirt or throw one away ever again. Here's how to get rid of the most common underarm stains.
1. Remove yellow stains
Sweat and deodorant can leave behind nasty yellow stains on your favorite t-shirts. But, no matter how many times you wash it, it just won't' come out unless you target the problem with these solutions.
a. Lemon Juice
What to Wear explains that you should mix equal parts lemon juice and water, put it in a small regular bottle or spray bottle, and apply it to the discolored armpit area. Pat it with a clean towel and wait for it to dry. Once the solution has dried, you'll see a much brighter, cleaner underarm area.
b. Baking soda
The bloggers at What to Wear also have a good old baking soda solution that packs some serious power. Simply mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda and a 2 fluid oz of hot water to make a nice paste. Then, apply it to the stained underarm area with a clean towel. Let it dry and after the area looks almost good as new.
2. Remove stains from dark clothing
You might think darker clothing is immune to staining from sweat and deodorant, but you're wrong. These underarm areas can easily become darkened or discolored, ruining your clothing. But, the good folks at The Spruce have come up with the ultimate solution.
Vinegar soak
To remove these pesky stains you're going to soak the entire shirt. Never use a target lightening solution like lemon juice on a colored shirt, as it could strip the fabric of the color completely.
Instead, fill a bucket with cool water and a cup of distilled vinegar. Put your problem shirts in and let them soak for a half of an hour. If the buildup is significant, you can scrub the area with equal parts water and vinegar and a toothbrush, too. Then, toss it in the washing machine and was it as usual. The stains should be lifted from the shirt.
Bonus extra tip: Use vinegar to pre-treat and avoid stains
If your clothes -- darks or whites -- tend to get smelly and you can't seem to get it out with a wash, it's because the sweat and bacteria are really trapped in the fabric. Pre-treat the area with a spray bottle of distilled vinegar, let it sit for about 15 minutes then throw it in the wash. This will help remove any deodorant stains from the shirt as well as smells and sweat stains.
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