10 brilliant ways to use a shower caddy around the house

You already know shower caddies are great for, well, the shower. They keep your shampoo in place and your soap at arms reach. But these clever little portable shelving units can also be used to organize other rooms in your home.
We've found some of the most creative solutions from around the web -- showing you that you can use a simple little shower caddy to keep your mudroom tidy, your spices organized and even the perfect phone charging station. Curious? Start browsing the collection below!
1. The mudroom
Use a show caddy to organize all your family's stuff during those winter months. The Shabby Nest shows how the caddy can hold gloves and hats and you can hang scarves from the bottom.
2. Letter holder
Need a place to stash all that mail and those important bills? Paint a caddy your favorite color -- we love this copper color here -- and stick it in the front hall or by your desk. Good Housekeeping shows that it looks amazing while being totally functional.
3. Kitchen organizer
Check out this creative idea by Down to Earth Style. We love how they've attached it to the side of the island for easy access and an industrial feel in an otherwise country kitchen. In the basket, you can store spices or anything else, and from the bottom hang utensils.
4. Craft organizer
Keep your papers, tapes and other craft supplies organized and within arms reach with the help of a shower caddy. This solution, highlighted by Better Homes and Gardens, looks as like it was made for this purpose.
5. Phone charging station
The blog My Blue Daisy shows how you can use one of those shower caddy's with suction cups to hold your phone while it charges. It not only keeps it off the counter and saves space, but it looks a whole lot more organized, too.
6. Laundry room organizer
The blog Ms. Smartie Pants suggests using one of those tension rod bathroom caddies in the laundry room to organize your detergents, softeners and whatever else you have lying around. It's going to save you a lot of room in these notoriously small spaces.
7. Car organizer
Technically this isn't for your house, but you spend so much time in your car we couldn't pass this one up. Popular Mechanics suggests using the shower caddy to hold essentials like windshield fluid, oil or cleaning wipes.
8. Spice rack
Never rummage through the cabinet looking for the perfect spice ever again. House Beautiful suggests using a simple shower caddy to neatly organize your spices so they're always in reach.
9. Minibar
Short on space, but still need a bar? Nail a shower caddy to the wall and fill it up with your favorite alcoholic beverages on top with your glasses down below. It's a space saving solution that looks great -- and people won't even realize that you're using a shower caddy!
10. Planter
Use a shower caddy to hold your favorite potted plants. Imagine a hanging ivy up top with tiny, pretty little succulents on the bottom. The thin, wire design of the shower caddy is the perfect subtle backdrop for your gorgeous plants.
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