11 clever ways to use a storage cube around the house

You've seen those cute storage cubes at any home organization store or department store. These simple storage solutions are an effective way to keep things a little tidier around the house, but if you're stacking them against the wall for a catch-all, you might be missing out on a few more creative uses.
Check out these 11 ways you can take a boring storage cube and turn it into something a little extra special.
1. TV stand
With a few adjustments (removing the top divider and adding legs), an old storage cubby can be turned into a cute music center. Check out this easy DIY project from One Good Thing.
2. Laundry center
If the laundry space in your home is a bit cramped, try out this genius transformation with a piece of plywood and some paint for an adorable laundry center that's easy to keep clean.
3. Reading nook/toy storage
Keeping a kid's room tidy has never been so easy. Create a cute reading nook with a storage cubby, piece of wood and decorative fabric. Check out the tutorial from Ikea Hackers.
4. Craft spot
This creative storage solution for crafting materials is easier than it looks. Combining three storage cubes, a base, wheels and a tabletop, this movable craft table is cute, functional and perfect for small homes.
5. Kids playtime
Kids love playing pretend and you can create the perfect play area with a little PVC pipe, cute fabric and a storage cubby. How cute is this idea from Tauni & Co.?
6. Storage/seating
The crafter at Etsy used two storage shelves and a tall shelf to create an efficient storage solution. It doesn't take up much floor space and it offers seating and shelving for keeping books, toys or other items. It's very easy to personalize this one with your choice of fabric or paint.
7. Bedroom storage
This functional use of several storage cubes adds depth to the bedroom and offers a practical function to even smaller spaces. The units in this clever project act as both storage and a headboard/footboard, showing a mastery of multitasking.
8. Clean work space
Paying hundreds of dollars for a desk with plenty of storage may not be an option, especially if you have a small office. Try this clever twist with a storage cube instead.
9. Closet storage
Grab a few smaller storage cubes to add extra storage space to a closet. Tuck these shelves underneath your hanger area so you still have room to walk, but maximize space by using up the wall.
10. Storing wine
You'll need to get a bit crafty by adding criss-cross inserts into a storage cube, but this DIY wine storage is affordable, cute and tucks away into a corner with ease.
11. Dollhouse
This couldn't be an easier (or cuter) project. Just decorate the inside of each space like an individual room and let your little one's imagination run wild! Happy birthday, budget.
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