10 stunning ways to turn an old ceiling fan into something totally new

It seems like just about every household has an old, totally outdated ceiling fan hanging around. At one point these were in style, but today they're mostly eyesores we want to get rid of.
When you finally decide to make the plunge and get rid of yours, though, don't toss it to the curb. There are actually a lot of cool projects and crafts you can do with the old blades, the hooks and even the base. Don't believe us? Check out this list below. We bet you'll want to toss your old fan out soon after!
1. Succulent planter
If the blades on your old ceiling fan are in pretty rough shape but you have a cool design to work with for the base, this is a cool project for you. Consider painting the base like the folks over at Home Talk did -- it really freshens this old thing up! So much so, know one is going to know what that planter really came from.
2. Kid's room decoration
Create a flower design decoration for the kid's craft room, playroom or bedroom. We love how the bloggers at Build Make Craft Bake painted these inspirational words on theirs.
3. Dragonfly project
Add a little whimsy to your backyard with a giant dragonfly. This is a great way to spruce up a big fence or to just add some fun to your garden. Follow the DIY from Saved by Love Creations to create this easy decoration.
4. Chalkboards
With some chalkboard paint and a little creativity, you can turn those dusty old ceiling fan blades into cute chalkboards. Hang one in the kitchen, give the kids one for their room -- you can even gift them they look so good.
5. Create decorative signs
Simply slap some paint on your old ceiling fan blades, then paint on your favorite saying. We love how Pinterest user Rachel Wiedeke strung hers together with some string so you can hang it all as one piece.
6. Rustic farmhouse windmill blades
If you love the rustic, shabby-chic look -- this DIY by Sadies Season Goods is everything you've been looking for. It's easy to transform your old ceiling fan blades into this cool, vintage looking windmill blades. What a great accent piece, right?
7. Blade attachments for hooks
You know the metal brackets they used to secure the blades to the base? Well, these work well for a variety of DIY crafts. One we loved, in particular, was this creative rolling pin holder by My Repurposed Life.
8. Outdoor solar lights
My Repurposed Life shows you how to take the old lights off of your ceiling fan and turn them into outdoor solar lights. These are great for hanging on the porch, lighting the walkway or as table centerpieces for your garden parties.
9. Accessories tray
The folks over at Home Talk show us just how creative you can get with an old ceiling fan. By taking apart the old base, you can use part of it to create the prettiest vintage-inspired accessory tray.
10. Bird feeder
To Work With My Hands shows us how to transform the base of your old ceiling fan into a perfectly pretty bird feeder. Seriously, afterward, you can't even tell it came from a fan!
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