10 clever ways to organize yarn

If you are a fan of knitting or crocheting, chances are you have a ton of yarn lying around in your home. Tangles are no fun, nor is searching for the perfect color. Lucky for you, we've got some solutions for your yarn storage problems.
These practical and beautiful ways to organize and store your yarn are genius! The tricky part is figuring out which is the best method for you. Whether you've got too many balls of yarn to count or you're just delving into this hobby, we think you'll find at least one way that would suit your needs.
1. Peg board yarn storage
Using a peg board and some hooks, you can make an entire wall of yarn that doubles as storage and dispenses the yarn as well. Get the run down of how to make your own over at Knits For Life. You could either hide it in the back of a closet, or put it out on display as show in the tutorial!
2. Wine rack storage system
As much as we love wine, we think repurposing a wine rack into a storage system for your yarn is pretty clever! If you've got a ton of yarn on your hands, this is a simple and beautiful way to keep it organized and display your colorful hobby at the same time!
3. Pull the yarn through a colander
We feel a little silly that we never thought of this genius way to store yarn! It's almost as if the little holes in a colander were made for storing yarn and straining hot water. Simply thread yarn through different holes and you've got yourself a yarn dispenser!
4. Keep the end in place with a hair clip
Using a hair clip to secure the end of your yarn will keep you from having to untangle it the next time you get out your knitting needles!
5. Wipe container dispenser
We love this yarn dispenser that uses old wipe containers and repurposes them into a dispenser for your yarn!
6. PVC pipe rack
For a utilitarian yet beautiful approach to storing your yarn, create a rack system with PVC pipe. It fits balls of yarn perfectly, and will bring a pop of color to any room!
7. Basket dispenser
With just a few materials, you can create your very own rolling yarn dispenser. This works perfectly to keep your favorite colors on hand and free from tangles. Check out the tutorial on Crochet Rockstar for instructions on making your own!
8. Yarn bookshelf
Forget about books - this shelf is exclusively for yarn! Or, if you don't have quite that large of a yarn collection, we think books could take up a few of the shelves and they could share this storage space in harmony!​
9. Sort by color
For those of you who like all colors kept separately for the fastest way to find what you're looking for, storing them in glass jars according to color just might be the perfect organizational system for you!
10. Yarn organization binder
If you have tons of yarn and are particular about colors, Look At What I Made has a great way to keep everything perfectly in order. She runs you through exactly how she stores all her yarn and shows you how you, too, can keep your stash organized.
Which yarn storage idea is right for you? Share this article with all your knitting friends and compare storage strategies!​
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