13 ways a boring plastic storage container can change the way you organize forever

Plastic storage containers come in every shape and size. Although they are the perfect organizing tool, they aren't necessarily the most attractive solution. We hide them in closets, shove them under beds, carry them to the attic, and send them to the basement.
These 13 creative storage solutions reveal the versatility of this simple plastic box. No longer just for storing winter clothes or holiday decorations, these storage container ideas will transform how you organize your home.
1. Keep things vertical
Baking sheets are often a problem when it comes to kitchen storage. If you lay them flat, then you have to take them all out to get to the one you need. If you stack them, they fall all over the place. Jen at A Thousand Words solves her baking sheet dilemma by using a plastic storage container without the lid. It holds everything neatly in place until she's ready to bake.
2. Match any décor
We can all use a bit of extra storage space. This do-it-yourself from Woman's Day will blow you away. The simple to follow instructions show you how to take ordinary storage totes and create a customized storage solution. No one will ever guess it all started with inexpensive plastic containers.
3. Cover it up
No room in your small space for storing plastic organizing totes? Apartment Therapy filled a couple of storage containers and transformed them into a functional bench. All it takes is a piece of plywood to create a flat surface on top of the containers. Carefully fold a quilt around the board and containers to create faux upholstery. You've created an organized space that is hidden in plain sight.
4. Use space wisely
One of the worst things about deep pantry cabinets is reaching to get something at the very back of the shelf. Items get shuffled back and easily lost. By placing plastic storage containers in the shelves, iHeart Organizing creates "drawers" you can easily pull out. The addition of beautiful labels keeps your pantry nicely organized.
5. Fill a dresser
Clear plastic storage containers make the ideal organization solution for craft supplies. Small tools and items find a home - and you can easily find them. Create a beautiful craft organization center by labeling small plastic shoe boxes. They fit perfectly into a repurposed dresser once the drawers are removed. Sew Many Ways did this to create a classy storage solution for her sewing room. She can store 55 plastic shoebox containers in one dresser.
6. Create a portable zoo
Containing stuffed animals has never been so attractive. HGTV offers a step-by-step tutorial on transforming your everyday storage tote into an adorable toy box on wheels. Easily moved to where the fun is, this storage container toy box can be customized to match any room.
7. Find things quickly
Clear plastic storage containers let you see what you have and where it is. DigsDigs adds creative labels to storage container drawers for colorful toy storage. Not only does this create an organized playroom, but children easily put toys up when they can see where they belong.
8. Jazz it up with paint
Dances with Bees loves her plastic storage drawers. They provide the perfect organization for her makeup. Her only complaint: they simply aren't  attractive. Armed with paint and stencils, she transformed her plastic containers into a functional and fabulous storage center.
9. Roll it away
Mix a plastic storage tote, a cute handle, and four wheels to create a handy rolling drawer. Filled with blankets, shoes or toys, this adorable drawer is out of sight, but easily accessible. The tutorial by Pins and Procrastination suggests you use your new drawer under the bed, but you could roll it under any tall furniture. 
10. Keep the mudroom clean
Shoes naturally pile up at the door. Storage containers can keep them organized and out of the way of traffic. CampClem suggests using wide storage drawers for extra storage room. Creating custom labels with your children's pictures makes sure everyone knows exactly where their shoes belong.
11. Put it on a shelf
Storage containers stack amazingly well -- maybe even a bit too well. Stacking containers keeps everything organized, but if you want something in the bottom container you have to unstack. Storing the containers on shelves keeps everything organized and easy to get to. MyLove2Create walks you through the process of creating a customized storage solution for organizing your plastic storage totes. Because storage container sizes remain similar between brands, you don't have to purchase all your totes at once.
12. Make use of every space
The wide variety of storage container sizes means that  you can find fit them almost anywhere. Take note of those unusual spaces in your home and transform them into the perfect place for storage. The Family Handyman uses wire shelving and storage containers to turn the space between joists into an out-of-the-way storage solution. ​
13. Look up for clever storage
When you think of the spaces in your home you never use, simply look up. The space above your garage door can be the perfect place to hang plastic storage containers full of sports gear, holiday décor, and vehicle care essentials. This Old House recommends using a system, such as the ToteTrac, for hanging your organization and taking back your floor space.
When it comes to organizing your home, these plastic storage container solutions are sure to help you think outside of the box. Help others get organized and crafty by sharing these ideas on Facebook!
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