Turn ordinary Ping-Pong balls into lights so beautiful, nobody will believe you made them yourself

String lights can add a whole new level of ambiance to your home or yard, but the store-bought versions can be quite expensive. That's why we've created a fun DIY tutorial that you can follow to make your very own whimsical string lights with just a few materials.
If you've got lights that have been collecting dust since Christmas, dig them out of the closet and transform them into lights you can display all year long! String them along your staircase to create a grand entryway, or hang them above your patio for a magical evening glow that'll turn your outdoor space into a place you actually want to spend time!
Materials needed for this project
-White string lights (desired length up to you)
-Ping-Pong balls (one for each light)
Tools needed for this project
-Craft knife
1. Cut hole into Ping-Pong ball
Using the craft knife, carefully cut a slit in one of the Ping-Pong balls. Use the knife to cut a second slit perpendicular to the first, so it creates an X.
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2. Insert light into Ping-Pong ball
Slide the light into the X-shaped hole you just cut. You might need to use your fingers to reshape any dents you make while inserting the light.
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3. Repeat!
Repeat this process until all lights are inserted into the balls.
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4. String up the lights and test it out
Now comes the fun part! String up the lights wherever you'd like, making sure there is an outlet or an extension cord nearby. Plug them in and enjoy the glow! Make sure that all Ping-Pong balls are secure and that all lights are working.
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How simple is that?! Where are you going to put your fun new string lights? Share this article with all of your crafty friends, and maybe you can even host a Ping-Pong light-stringing party!
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