10 surprising ways to use cake pans around the garden

You'd probably never consider using a cake pan to help beautify your yard, but we're here to tell you that it might just be the best use of that pan that is no longer used in your baking repertoire. With a little creativity, though, that cake pan will look like it belongs outside!
From decorative to practical uses, a cake pan can be used in many surprising ways all around your garden. If you don't have any pans you're willing to part with, pick some up at the next garage sale you pass by for an inexpensive DIY project!
1. Mosaic stepping stone key hider
Equal parts beautiful and useful, this fun project from Sadie Seasongoods will add a pop of color to your yard and also serves as a practical and secret place to hide your keys so you don't get locked out ever again!
2. Fairy garden
A cake pan makes a great vessel for a fairy garden! Add some sand and miniature palm trees for a beachy scene, or stick to the more traditional ferns, forests and fairies. If you've got a little one at home, we think they'd love this project!
3. Flower bird bath
Have an old bundt pan lying around? This adorable flower bird bath may jsut be the perfect way to upcycle it! With a little spray paint in the color of your choice and a decorative plant stand, you can make your very own DIY bird bath without spending big bucks!
4. Candle holder
We think this creative candle holder would make a great statement piece for your patio or porch. If you're doing any outdoor entertaining this summer, this is one DIY project you'll want to get started on! Check out the instructions over at Our Southern Home SC.
5. Hanging planter
A bunt pan makes a great vessel for creating your own hanging planter. You could plant flowers or even herbs inside! Whether you hang it outside in your garden or inside to give your home a little life, we think this hanging planter will bring a smile to your face.
6. Succulent garden
How adorable are these pans repurposed into succulent gardens?! You could use round, bundt or square pans for this project, and you can keep them inside or out in the yard. Find more inspiration over at A Diamond in the Stuff.
7. Bundt bird feeder wreath
For this DIY project, you'll just use your bundt pan as a mold, so you can continue using it to bake delicious cakes if you'd like. This recipe for a homemade suet wreath is from The Garden Roof Coop, and they swear this version, made from all natural ingredients, is better than the store-bought variety.
8. Suncatcher mobile
Using a cake pan as a mold for the center piece, and cookie cutters to make the smaller hanging pieces, you can create a gorgeous suncatcher to display in your garden. Find the full tutorial at Artful Parent.
9. Nature-inspired stepping stones
These natural looking stepping stones will be the perfect complement to your garden, as they use nature in the design. Find out how to make you own over at Home Hardware.
10. Hanging bird feeder
This may just be the simplest and most practical transformation of a bundt pan we've ever seen. The squirrels don't stand a chance on this bird feeder! Head over to Kelly Elko to see exactly how she hung it.
Which is your favorite use of a cake pan to beautify the garden? Share this article with your DIY-loving friends to spread some crafty vibes!
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