Lady paints clay pot with Elmer’s glue, creates stunning planters

Summertime calls for some new festive decorations. And, these sand covered planters are just what you've been looking for. They're cute and fun and will look great everywhere from your coffee table to the centerpiece of your dinner party.
Now, getting the sand to stick to the planters might seem tricky, but we've figured out the best way to tackle this beach-inspired craft. In fact, it's so easy you can do it all in just 30 minutes. Let's get started!
Small terracotta pot planters
Foam brush
Butter knife
1. Cover in sand
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With a foam brush, cover the surface of your pot with glue. Then, dip your glue covered pot right into a bowl of sand. Spin it around so that you get all the sides evenly.
2. Smooth the sand surface
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Now it's time to smooth it all out. Take a flat knife like a butter or cheese knife and use it to pat the sand into the surface in a nice, even manner. Use the sharp side of the knife to remove any excess sand from the inside as well.
3. Wrap with ribbon and shells
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Add a bit of design flare by hot-glueing some ribbon to the top of your sandy pots. We love the blues because they go with the beach theme, and you can even glue on some pretty little shells, too!
DIY Everywhere 
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