8 stunning faux DIY brick wall projects

Brick is timeless. From a classic traditional home to shabby chic, it fits into almost any design. A brick wall can be the focal point of a room, providing texture and interest.
The downside to most brick projects is the expense. Adding brick can be a costly remodel. However, these 8 faux brick wall projects can add a touch of brick without a costly contractor bill.
1. Painted brick paneling
This faux brick wall creates a beautiful backdrop for a living room or dining area. Created by Sawdust2Stitches, the look begins with the installation of an inexpensive brick paneling. The addition of custom paint gives the brick a worn and weathered appearance.
2. Upscale warehouseTake the faux brick wall a step further by painting on a graphic design. This look, featured by Franklizstein, looks like the inside of a warehouse. Recreate the look by using a projector to project the image onto the wall as a painting guide. ​
3. Faux brick fireplace
Creating an entire faux brick wall can be a large project. If you excel at woodworking, Wood Shop Diaries has a faux brick fireplace that is simply stunning. The step-by-step tutorial shows you how to integrate the faux brick wall look into a room without taking over an entire wall.
5. Brick veneer
Renee Hanlon with DenGarden installed a brick wall that feels like the real thing at a fraction of the weight. Brick veneer is very thin slices of brick. Follow the DIY here to repeat the look in your home.
6. Ultralight brick
This technique may take a little time, but in the end you have a fabulous faux brick wall with lots of texture. Carving bricks from Styrofoam gives you the texture you are looking for at a low cost. Follow the tutorial by Craft Passion to recreate this modern focus wall.
7. Easy to install brick stickers
If you don't feel handy enough to install faux brick paneling or brick veneer, you can still have a beautiful faux brick wall with 3D adhesive brick stickers. These small panels of brick paneling are installed by simply removing the backing and pressing firmly to the wall. They can be found here.
8. Plaster brick wall
If you have a bit of time to create a grid of brick and apply a thin layer of plaster, you can create a stunning brick wall directly on the wall itself. The result has the look and feel of real brick. The complete tutorial at My French Twist features step-by-step instructions with pictures and tips.
The look of brick adds a touch of class to any room. These 8 faux brick projects are easy to complete in a weekend and enjoy for years to come. Share with your friends and family on Facebook!
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