This dollar store flower decorating technique is going viral (7+ projects)

Plaster of Paris is an easy-to-use hardening agent. It's commonly used in projects like paper-mache and ornamental decorations. One trend that's blowing up Pinterest is using this plaster to coat flowers and create beautiful decorative floral pieces.
Plastering the flowers is as simple as mixing the plaster, gently coating the flowers and allowing them to dry. The result is surprisingly stunning. Check out how these crafters have taken the trend to the next level.
2. Plaster flower candle votive (h/t Design Mom)
This stunning project gives you elegant decor that's pretty and functional. You can even add tint to make the flowers a color that matches your home. Check out the end result in the video below:
3. Plaster of Paris flower hanging votive (h/t Design Rulz)
This is a fun twist on the plaster-of-Paris flower trend. Follow along with the video below to bring this project to life:
4. Plaster-dipped flowerpot (h/t Crafty Chica)
Give your herbs and spices a makeover with this adorable flower pot idea. Check out how this comes together in the video below, but feel free to style yours with jewels or other trinkets.
5. Plaster flower picture (h/t Make)
Try a more traditional project for your plaster flowers, one that you can hang up on your wall. The video below shows how easy this process can be:
6. Pretty plaster garbage can (h/t Bluebirds are Nesting)
There's no need to throw your trash in an ugly bin! Make it pretty by attaching plaster flowers to a wire garbage can. Note: The flowers are heavier in plaster, so you might want to try smaller flowers first. Check out the cute results below: (If you want to be super matchy matchy, we recommend a white wire basket.)
7. Plaster rose sculpture (h/t Ozma of Odds)
This project featured in the video below is decidedly elegant! It looks stunning in all white (no tint needed), but you could go a little artsy and tint just a few of the flowers (or all of them).
8. Plaster plant cast
This pretty take on the plaster-flower trend is more delicate. You use real flowers and things you find outside to create plaster artwork.
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