Make your neighbors jealous of your garden. Try these 14 garden ideas

Gardens can be a living expression of the people that tend them. From traditional English design to eccentric displays of art, your garden says a lot about who you are. Beyond the plants you choose, how can you make a showcase of your garden areas?
These 14 garden ideas transform ordinary items into unique garden features. From benches to windchimes, these projects will compliment your beautiful blooms.
1. Decorative garden ball
The Empress of Dirt created decorative garden balls to bring brilliant color to your garden throughout the entire year. She starts with a round base and adds a little glue and glass to create a shining garden feature. Here step-by-step tutorial features many inspiring photographs.
2. Succulent bench
This creative project combines planters with wood to create a functional garden bench. The use of concrete and succulents makes for a modern and minimalistic design. Kara even suggests throwing in pops of color by painting the concrete with geometric patterns. Her tutorial can serve as a basis for creating your own garden planter bench.
3. Chandelier planter
Everything can be given a new purpose in your garden. An old chandelier becomes a colorful and fancy addition to your outdoor living space. This tutorial shows you how to attach planters to create a unique garden planter. ​
4. Washing machine fire pit
You will have the coolest fire pit in the neighborhood with this project. All you need is the metal tub from an old washing machine, a grinder, and high-heat paint. House & Fig shows you here how they built theirs for $10.
5. Silver spoon garden markers
Stamped metal is a big deal in today's jewelry world. Take this look outside and label your plants in style. This tutorial shows you how create these whimsical plant labels. Over time the silver will naturally tarnish. You can let them naturally antique or shine them up at the end of the garden season.
6. Painted ladybug rocks
No one wants to find insects in their garden, unless they are these cute little ladybugs. This is the perfect kid-friendly garden project. If you can't find naturally flat stones in your area, don't worry. You can purchase smooth river stones in most craft stores. Crafts by Amanda shows you how she crafts her ladybugs.
7. Elf tree house
Believe it or not, this custom elf house can be made from just a little wood, cement, stones, and paint. This takes the elf out of your garden and gives him an entire tree to live in. There is no tutorial, but 1001 Gardens will inspire you to get creative and build your own elf mansion.
8. DIY rain chain
Raindrops will gently slide down this homemade rain chain, collect in the cups and leave you wishing it would rain just a bit longer. All Things Heart & Home created this rustic rain chain based on her combined love of terra cotta and rain chains.
9. Teacup bird feeder
Share your teatime with some feathered friends with this lovely teacup bird feeder. As You Wish Pottery painted her own teacup and saucer for this project, but you can use ones you find in the store, the antique market, or in your own cabinet.
10. Wooden garden boxes
Elevate your garden by placing it in wooden garden boxes. This simple project looks expensive, but the tutorial makes it simple for even beginner woodworkers. Garden boxes are ideal for keeping your garden looking neat and clean.
11. Grow a bit of moss
You can grow moss on almost any surface. Take it from something growing on rocks to words growing on your walls. The simple process uses a moss-based solution for painting. Hoselink recommends using a template to create words or unique shapes on your garden walls.
12. Glass bottle edging
Something as simple as the sun shining through a blue glass bottle creates an elegance to your garden. Cottage in the Oaks used glass wine bottles to create a colorful and unique garden edging. They found that the indentations in the bottoms hold just the right amount of water to attract butterflies.
13. Grow a monogram
Everyone will take note of your unique vertical garden when you grow your monogram. Michelle and Ryan showcase how they created this sensational landscaping focal point in this tutorial. You can easily create your own initial using their idea.
14. Beaded wind chime
A gentle tinkering is all you will hear when the breeze blows through your DIY garden wind chime. Stringing beautiful beads is a relaxing experience, especially if you do it in your garden. Garden Therapy shows you how to create your own garden sparkle here.
Gardening is so much more than just planting and growing. These craft projects will inspire you to relax and enjoy the time spent in your garden. Share these DIY garden project ideas with your friends and family on Facebook.
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