12 cheap but impressive beach DIY projects

Summertime is for waves, sand, and sun. It involves a bit of planning and a lot of gear -- especially if you have children. In fact, sometimes you need a wagon to get a day's worth of comfort from the car to the sand.
A trip to the beach doesn't have to consist of blowing your monthly budget on gear that you'll only use every once in a while. With a few craft supplies and some creative thinking, you can easily craft a cheap and fun beach vacation.
1. Cover it with style
You can create a designer look with just a few basic sewing skills. Merrick's Art shows you how to create a chic swimsuit cover up out of 2 yards of lightweight fabric and decorative trim. Choose colors that match your swimsuit and you will be cool and coordinated.
2. Made in the shade
A long day on the beach needs a little shade for relaxing. This beach canopy requires very few supplies and can use a cheap beach towel for shade. Lowes Home Improvement considers this tuturial a perfect beginner DIY project.
3. Beach drink holder
No one wants sand in their drink. Recycle a tin can into an adorable drink holder. You can customize this beach drink holder by using fabric that matches your beach canopy. The step-by-step tutorial from Positively Splendid features instructions and pictures.
4. Upgraded beach towel
Take your beach towel from flat and boring to functional and comfortable with this simple beach DIY. Two medium-size towels from the dollar store are combined with trim and craft batting to create a totally toteable beach mat.
5. Beaded beach sandals
The only practical place for stylish barefoot sandals is the beach. Hannah gives the secrets of crafting your own beaded set in this tutorial. She says it takes less than an hour and uses materials found online or at your local craft store.
6. Aloe vera cubes
Sometimes the most important beach DIY is for after the beach. Take the sting out of a day in the sun with these cooling aloe vera cubes. The tutorial at The Dumbbelle shows you how easy it is to cool down.
7. Seashells for your hair
Skip the expensive souvenier trinkets and create your own rememberance of your beach time. Spending time finding precious shells is an iconic beach activity. Use your treasures to create shell hair pins. Swell Life shows you how to attach your shells to bobby pins for a beachy hair style.
8. Keep baby off the sand
A flat beach towel is not going to do much to contain baby, but this use of a fitted bed sheet just might. Taking a sheet to the beach and placing your heavy items at the corners creates a beach playpen just for baby. Team Johnson showcases the idea here.
9. Contain the toys
Beach toys can be a mess. They are always wet and sandy. Using a mesh laundry bag is an excellent storage idea for beach toys. Sand and water will drain through the mesh and keep your free from sand. The Idea Room purchased this mesh laundry bag for $3.
10. Private toddler pool
Create a safe place for little ones to splash in no time at all with this step-by-step tutorial. All it takes is a plastic shower curtain, a shovel, and a bucket for carrying water. The water will also warm up a bit in the sun so that little ones don't get a chill.
11. Easy sand removal
When sand meets small children you end up with sand everywhere. The Frugal Girls reveals how easy it is to brush sand off and leave it where it belongs -- at the beach. Now you can remove sand without any problems.
12. Set up a tent
If you plan on making a big splash at the beach, take the time to set up a tent. The tent provides shade and a sand-free area for relaxing and fixing a snack. Grosgrain Fab shows you this and other helpful beach tips for families on their blog.
Grab a few of these inexpensive items and head to the beach. Share with your friends and family on Facebook for a great family beach vacation!
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