Next time you're at the Home Improvement Store, grab a wooden pole. 11 ways to fill empty wall space!

A wooden rod costs very little, but is an incredibly versatile design tool. You can use it to hang things and make use of your vertical spaces. However, you don't have to limit yourself to hanging artwork or blankets.
Dowel rods, rustic branches, and long sticks are creative ways to display a variety of items. These 11 amazing ideas showcase how you can easily fill the blank spaces in your home with a simple wooden pole.  
1. DIY Instagram wall
There is no reason for those beautiful Instagram pics to remain hidden digitally forever. Homeyohmy created this lovely photo wall hanging using a thin wooden dowel rod, some cordage, her favorite photos, and a bit of scrapbook paper. Put your own spin on it by following her tutorial.
2. Book slings
What a unique way to store children's books! Domestic Imperfection created these book slings using wooden rods and double curtain hardware. You can customize the fabric to match the room's décor. Follow the instructions here to create your own wooden rod book slings.
3. Blanket ladder
Paper & Stitch shows us here how to create a blanket ladder using wooden poles and no nails. The ladder is modern, but the addition of twining gives it a Southwestern appeal. Prop it up against your wall for a vertical focal point.
4. Ribbon storage
This creative ribbon storage solution combines function with art. The use of an old frame as a means to store your crafting or sewing ribbon creates a touch of whimsy to the room. Small diameter dowel rods allow you to use the ribbon while it is on display. Better Homes & Gardens does not include a tutorial, but their inspirational photo will be easy to recreate.
5. Wooden dowel art
Did you know that wooden dowel rods aren't always round? Square dowel rods can mix things up a bit. This step-by-step tutorial showcases a fantastic piece of art. While it looks like it would take forever to create, the use of square dowels speeds up the process.
6. Mixed media wall hanging
A wooden pole serves as the base for a modern work of art. Created from twine and brass, you can customize this art to fit your specific space. The Vintage Guru Shop shows you how to do it in your own home.
7. Modern macramé
This retro look from the 70's gets a modern twist by using colorful strips of t-shirt material. You can purchase Jersey yarn already cut into strips for a quick and easy project. A medium-size wooden pole holds it all together.
8. Branch of yarn
Don't feel the need to purchase your wooden rod. You can create a rustic piece of wall art with a simple branch from your backyard. A few skeins of wool in neutral colors creates texture and adds a focal point. The tutorial at Curated Minimalism shows you the easy process.
9. Nursery display
Little clothes are precious. Why hide them away inside a closet. This simple idea from Emily is showcased on Apartment Therapy. She used a simple branch as the foundation for a functional wall hanging. Not only does it fill space, but it also serves a purpose. You can use a plain wooden dowel for a more modern appearance.
10. Budget curtain rods
Curtain rods can be surprisingly expensive. This tutorial shows you how to use a wooden dowel rod to create an expensive look at a fraction of the price. You can create a custom look that fills empty space and expands the architecture of your room.
11. Tapestry headboard
The bare space above a bed can be hard to fill. Creating a headboard from a rug or tapestry allows for you to fill the space quickly and easily. This inspiration from Good Housekeeping uses a large diameter wooden dowel rod to create the hanger for the tapestry.
A simple dowel rod may inspire you to create your next piece of wall art. Share these ideas with your family and friends on Facebook! ​
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